Broken Hearts Corporate Minds available for pre-order!

SIRUS is back with a vengeance. A new powerful tool to destroy dancefloors and flood minds. A dark genre-bending masterpiece for the cyberpunk and industrial scene. The long-awaited full length follow up to ‘Fallen Through Dystopia’, ‘Broken Hearts Corporate Minds’ is ready to be unleashed on the masses. We’re proud...

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Evolve or stagnate

What is it with the industrial community hating on Dubstep? Some people in the scene have really driven me away from them with how vigorously they display their dislike for the genre. I’ve stopped following certain bloggers, reviewers and feeds because the hate seems unjustifiably endless. Its fine to ‘just not enjoy’ certain...

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People of Earth! The ridiculously good looking people at Cyberia have asked us to headline their special event “HARDWIRED!” where they will be bringing some of the best dark electronic talent from the 4 corners of the world straya. there’ll be Vortek from Adelaide Studio-X from Adelaide Cryogenic Eschelon from Tas (debut live...

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Writing serious music

Now, whilst we are on the subject of the amount of time and effort required to make an album, I always feel like I need to slap people ‘up side the head sometimes when they compare the production times of different producers. If you are only making non-vocal dance music without a set theme, you can power through inception and production...

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