Hailing all frequencies!

Here you will find the official Sirus blog. Unlike the news feed, this part of the site is going to be rather informal. With that as a starting point, I’ll go ahead and give credit where its due- This shiny new site is all thanks to my partner in musical crime, Andrew Waugh. Whilst I designed a substantial part of the site, it was Andrew’s techno-skillz and determination that made this all possible.

My hopes are that this site will mark a small rebirth for Sirus. As an electronic music act I think we do some things very well, but up until now our web presence wasn’t a strong point. Ironic considering how much interest Andrew and I have in information technology- The truth being that time constraints (we both work, myself full time) are sometimes a battle for us.

The timing for this fresh start is actually very good:

We have just finished an EP, which is available for free in our Discog section. The Venomous Frequencies EP marks Andrew’s formal introduction to Sirus beyond a live capacity. His infectious rhythm sections and sharp saw synths can be heard on our track ‘Antibody’, where Andrew appears under his solo project name Dead Unit.

I am finally up to a point in the writing of my new album where most of the big creative decisions have been made. This will make it much easier to communicate my writing process to the outside world, so expect periodical updates. I’ve also just updated my studio with a couple of cool little items, and we are getting some video stuff sorted out too.

I encourage you to look around the new site- there are already a few awesome things to check out.

– Josh