Bleep Saga

I received my Doepfer Dark Energy yesterday. I was able to test it quickly after work. I’m very happy with it; I does exactly what I wanted it to. No more and certainly no less. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that its even smaller than I visualized. Sure, I had seen youtube videos etc but that hadn’t prepared me for how cute the unit it. In fact, it monstrously sexy. Its definitely one of my best looking pieces of gear. Visually I’d put it up there my Golden Age Pre 73 preamp, which has a harsh Russian Soviet-era look and feel (take a look here).

People have complained about the cramped features, that everything is a little too close together and hence a tad hard to use- but I like this. The slightly cluttered look gives the unit a ‘mad scientist’ vibe, and that’s exactly what I like about something that is essentially a bank of knobs.

The Dark Energy certainly screams and wobbles as much as I could possibly hope for, making great fodder for my Vocoder and sampling etc. I haven’t had enough of chance to make a proper assessment of the filter, but from what I can gather its very good. The unit seems to sound best when doing a lot of Frequency Modulation stuff, and having a square wave shape for the LFOs makes FM stuff turn into stepped bleepy fun.

So I own an analogue synth now. The world didn’t implode and I don’t really feel the inclination to buy any more analogue for the time being. Actually far from it, as I just found out about the Moog Minitaur (an analogue bass monosynth announced 2 days ago). Considering the price tag this thing is going to be very popular, however it just sounds like a warm, featureless analogue synth to me. Not interested.

But I’m sure many people WILL be interested in this unit because it looks very mean and its marketed towards making “bass” sounds. Enough said, check the video below: