Fiendfest Aftermath

Since Andrew hasn’t made a blog login for himself as yet, I’d like to relay his enjoyably upbeat status update from our Facebook page:

THANKYOU! everybody for the support
Last night was epic

the crowd at Fiendfest were amazing.
and from what I can remember the bonus afterparty set we did was crazy

special thanks to Gerry for being awesome and everyone involved in the organising and the running of the festival.

and to the Cyberia crew for letting us gatecrash their club and play on such short notice.

Elliven Designs for making us look awesome on stage ^.^

TrashDolls for bringing the party with their nerf gun powered dance warfare 😛

also extra special thanks to the diehards who came and saw us perform twice in one night.
You. guys. fucking. rock.
and are wicked to party with 😀

I feel like we’ve taken things up a level
We look forward to more Sirus live shows in future!

Prepare yourselves!