Reasons to be patient!

In recent months I’ve had people use their caps lock quite a bit when asking about the release date of the next album. More specifically I think this behavior has been going on for over a year now. I thought I’d do the the right thing and keep everybody informed as to the delay. But first, lets talk a little bit about the album’s progress, as I feel its all been a bit too tight-lipped so far.

The concept for ‘Broken Hearts Corporate Minds’ has undergone many evolutions since I dreamed this particular release up in 2009. As the album changed, I had to cut out certain tracks as they weren’t fitting with the aesthetic I wanted. I took these outcast tracks and gave them some rhythmic noise elements to unify them, and called this lovely little collection ‘Venomous Frequencies’. Its free and you can grab it right now from the Music section of this site. As in independent piece of work it kicks ass, but it didn’t really bring me any closer to finishing the album (actually it put me further behind because I was working on multiple releases at the same time).

I had originally envisioned the album to be be a mix between minimalistic hard electro and metal ‘half-time’ oriented stuff. Not with guitars, but with synths written like guitars. The minimal elements never eventuated, as soon after I finished a couple of tracks I realized I was working on a monster that didn’t deserve to be pigeon-holed. The ‘half-time’ sections became more like dubstep- My idea of good dubstep is music that has more in common with metal than it does hiphop (at some point I feel as if I should expand on this topic). So this progression was really natural, considering Andrew and I had spoken about making a dubstep release in early 2009.

The subject matter of the lyrics haven’t changed much since I thought up the concept, and I’m proud of how closely I’ve followed through from my planning stages here.  When I was dreaming up the album, media coverage of the Global Financial Crisis was at its apex, so there is a large focus on money and greed on this album. From a distance, this might not seem like the most original subject matter to cover- but I’ve yet to hear an album dealing with the GFC that I’ve actually enjoyed. The lyrics are more sophisticated on this release, though at times they can be a little more blunt and down to earth. I hope you will find this to be an interesting mix.

Now here’s the thing that really gets under my skin- and I’m going to be very honest: An album dealing with the GFC fallout, that blends electro-industrial and dubstep with vocals that *aren’t* drenched in effects, would have been a huge cutting edge thing… had it come out in 2010. Alas, the release date still hasn’t been set and here we are 2 years later. Four years after I had the idea.

Now I fear that, when the album is released, its just not going to blow off as many heads. At least not from the ‘cutting edge’ angle (don’t get me wrong- I think many people will still find it to be a very modern sounding release). However I do believe it will be one of those albums that really grows on you. Its had so much time and love poured into it…I truly hope it will be one of those albums.

But to get it to be this good, I’ve had to spend a lot of my weeks working a full-time job so that I can:

  • live somewhere with a dedicated separate room for production
  • buy certain equipment that I *really* need to make those clean(er) vocals sound professional
  • Inject money into the live shows that we play

All this is made harder by the fact that I am paying off an education loan, for an education I only partially received, from an audio college that went bankrupt. The world of music has been hard on me. The above points don’t flow easily when you have a debt over your head- one that never really benefited you from the beginning. I won’t go into this any further, lest I turn into a whiny little goth kid.

I would love to work on nothing but the album for weeks on end, but unfortunately its just not possible. This probably isn’t news to anybody, and I’m aware the majority of bands in my position are doing the same thing. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating, I can assure you! Sometimes I wish there was a more original reason behind all these delays, but this just isn’t the case.

I’m writing an album about money, and its release is being held back by…you guessed it. Its not a unique position to be in as a musician, but the irony is truly classic.

I will rebuild my strife as art.