Writing serious music

Now, whilst we are on the subject of the amount of time and effort required to make an album, I always feel like I need to slap people ‘up side the head sometimes when they compare the production times of different producers. If you are only making non-vocal dance music without a set theme, you can power through inception and production really quickly. If I wanted to do this I’d like to think I could pull together a pleasing sounding track in two weeks. Realistically maybe slightly longer considering my work schedule etc. But the point is that I could produce a lengthy EP in a few months and an album in under a year. But as soon as you add a heavy-focus on a single theme and start writing lyrics (and I’m not talking about borderline-nonsense words with light correlation to some rather blurred ideals!) you enter a world of lengthy internal searching,┬áboth thematically and within the realm of audio. Searching for the right sounds, the right style, and fully realizing your stance on the issues you want to discuss is very time consuming.

A few friends of mine seem like phenomenally faster producers, but the replay value of their music is not high. That’s not to say that their music is inferior; what their music is trying to achieve it often achieves very well: to make you want to dance, to rise up and smash things, to get that adrenaline pumping and have fun. I’d like to think some of my music does this too, but with more a of lasting message in there somewhere. Even if its not a clear social/political/personal message, as long as there is an emotional attachment strong enough to pull you into the realm of contemplation, I’m happy. Producing music that has the recklessness of dance, but the depth of something more brooding and anthemic, takes time.

Not all my music is like this however, and there are a couple of tracks on the upcoming album and on Venomous Frequencies that really did come together fast and were just made to be dancefloor fillers. I need to have something slightly more light-hearted on my releases sometimes just to mirror life in general. Its not all doom and gloom and saggy bags under my eyes. I definitely see this need in other producers as well. The ratio of the moody stuff to the lighter stuff needs to be strongly one sided for me to feel properly accomplished however. Most of it needs to be dead-serious or I might as well be writing handbag house music.

All this being said, I’m sure a label or other producer entities interested in Sirus *would like to see that it doesn’t take me decades to finish an album*. You need to have a relatively steady flow of releases as an artist to maintain fan interest. That’s what they tell me. And I’m contemplating that issue right now. Once I’ve finished this album I foresee two EP’s being released next, instead of starting work on another LP. Just so I can feel like I’ve really gotten over the chunky career hump that is Broken Hearts Corporate Minds. Knowing me though, it probably won’t turn out like that- it could end up being another LP if I end up on the concept-album warpath again.

Oh and BHCM is sounding damn good. The closer I’m getting to the end of production the faster I’m working. Its going to be an exciting release, in whatever form it ends up taking!