SIRUS is a cyberpunk music project based in Melbourne, Australia.

A chameleon of dark electronic music, the project combines Electro-Industrial, EDM, Aggrotech, Dubstep, World Music and other experimental crossovers.

Sirus has played live alongside many international acts including Savant, Combichrist, 3Teeth, Hocico, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection to name just a few.

Sirus’s live performances are especially well respected, with each performance including unique arrangements and changes to musical content not present in any recorded material.

Josh Rombout (SIRUS) began his musical journey producing trance music in 2002. By 2005, he was offered a partnership with a psytrance label, but quickly turned it down after discovering his sonic interests lay elsewhere- he was beginning to progress into genres such as industrial breaks, and was slowly moving away from the typical euphoric sounds of modern dance.

Throughout his transition to the darker side of electronic music, he experimented with glitch, chillout and soundtrack production. His love of cyber culture soon surfaced in 2007 after his recurring involvement in Melbourne’s alternative nightlife. By late 2008 he had completed his first full release, ‘Falling Through Dystopia’, a Terror EBM album set in a borderline-fictional dystopic future.

In 2009, Sirus added friend and fellow industrial musician Andrew Waugh (Dead Unit) to the live component of the project. An experienced synth player and performer, Andrew’s history runs through an impressive number of Melbourne’s alternative bands. Andrew’s taste in music infected Sirus dramatically, with upcoming releases set to include the sounds of dark Dubstep and an ever-increasing dynamic approach to live audio manipulation.

In late 2011, Sirus released a free industrial dance EP focusing on his growing genre-bending format. With elements of electro, rhythmic noise and breaks, this one was destined to be a dancefloor destroyer.

Sirus is not obsessed with ‘warm’ sounds. A simple statement but one that echoes deeply throughout the Sirus philosophy. Tubes and magnetic tape are overrated and hold no place in the dark cyberpunk visions that Josh wishes to impart on his listeners. Cold and digitally-driven sounds are his weapons of choice- he would rather deliver the sound of clipping mp3 artifacts, then mic up a fender amp. When hearing about this, some may envision lifeless or thin sounds, but Sirus’s sonic pallet couldn’t be more of the opposite. His heavy club-thumping sounds have earned him the respect of many dance music enthusiasts.

Whilst his music is generally dance-floor friendly, Sirus also presents occasional introspective and experimental moments. To get some of the more unusual sounds found in his tracks, Josh has done field recordings of motorcycles, circuit-bent toys to death, beat-boxed into his lunchbox, and even recorded from inside soft drink cans.

Not content with the average electronic band’s approach to live music, Sirus often makes use of unique sound manipulating ‘toys’ with special audio programming. Joysticks, power gloves, graphics tablets, and other such forms of control are employed for live sound mangling and a strong visual aspect, along with the staple diet of midi hardware, solid live keys, and a strong vocal presence. Sirus ensures that each live performance includes unique arrangements, adamant that a live show should always bring something different to what is featured on CD. When these elements combine, its easy to see how Sirus is being called one of the most ‘live’ bands within the scene today.

Josh Rombout is the producer, writer and vocalist of Sirus. His primary interests are sound design, dance music, digital art and anime. He is an avid cyberpunk enthusiast and an experienced DJ.

Whilst Sirus is at the heart of Josh’s musical compulsion, he has also acted as producer and engineer for Melbourne local bands, including electronic rock act Death of Art. Josh has assisted in the production of Electronic, Metal, Hip-hop and even Jazz music. A keen cinephile, Josh has a passion for film soundtracks and orchestral composition, and is taking steps to further explore this interest.

Sound design is a big part of Josh’s mentality when writing music. Not content to sequence pre-made loops and sound effects, he enjoys crafting much of his own sonic pallet. Josh believes that the sound of acoustic drums and guitar represent an overused and stagnating musical culture, and is openly frustrated at the western world’s preoccupation with guitar-driven music.

As well as producing under the name Sirus, Josh also DJs under the overt alias ‘DJ Sirus’. He is experienced in playing a wide array of electronic genres both inside and outside the cyber/industrial scene, with influences from Electro-house and Dubstep being easily recognizable. Adding to his wide pallet of performance, Josh was also known as a regular DJ in the Melbourne Fetish scene.