Josh Rombout: Dark Alternative Dance Music DJ



The driving force behind the cyberpunk music project SIRUS, Rombout has shared the stage with scene heavyweights such as Combichrist, 3Teeth, Hocico, Grendel and Aesthetic Perfection to name just a few. As a DJ, Josh brings a mixture of current Electro-Industrial sounds along with the dark hybrid EDM styles that are the unique trademark of his own musical foray.

Along with live performances, Rombout has spent plenty of time behind the Decks, as a supporting DJ act for artists such as Organ Donors, Nachtmahr, Angelspit and Snog; as well as being a resident deck hound at Melbourne’s once legendary Cabaret Nocturne nightclub.

With his ongoing preoccupation with alternative bass music, Rombout’s club sets currently take heavy influence from the sounds of Electro House, Drum & Bass, Neurofunk and even Progressive Metal. Shying away from the big Hard Dance leads that are the staple of recent scene influence, Josh’s repertoire may leave audiences in a much grimier place than they expected.


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Check out Rombout’s DJ set at Resistanz Festival 2016 (Sheffield, UK):