'...an incredibly rich and deep narrative of high-concept science fiction that’s absolutely mind-blowing...'

– Epitome of Epic (Album Review: Apocrypha)




This section serves as a place for miscellaneous works and as an archive for the ‘Junkfood’ section of the old SIRUS website.

Here you will find experiments, history and diversion: free tracks, weird stuff and much of Josh’s older ventures in electronic music.

This was made in a single studio session on a bad mental health day.


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Pretty self explanatory. If you like Rick and Morty you’ll probably like this. It was made so Josh had something interesting to play in a Halloween DJ set.


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Some really terrible Industrial Hardcore found amongst our old project files…

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This collection includes four tracks that showcase Josh’s work in Trance before his switch to Electro-Industrial. They are closer to ‘Falling Through Dystopia’ in regards to timeline (certainly over a decade) than Legacy Collection 1. The track “Wandering Souls” is the single to an unfinished Psytrance EP that has long since been lost. The other tracks are from slightly earlier work in more progressive/uplifting subgenres. Much of the music from this era of work was adapted into parts of ‘Falling Through Dystopia’, and the listener may notice a mild synergy between these tracks and later releases. This is also the reason why this collection is much smaller than Legacy Collection 1, as many SIRUS tracks emerged from music being developed at this point.


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This collection contains all of Josh’s original ventures into electronic music. This 17-track long archive contains Trance, Breaks, Chillout and beyond; all written prior to 2006 . The tracks are presented untouched since that time, along with their poor production quality and cheesy track titles. This collection is not recommended for new listeners; it appears here only due to request.


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